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Travels with Bill | Sardinian Wanderings


There are over 100 videos at present on my Vimeo page. Only a few of them are on this web page. To browse all my videos go to my Vimeo "Bill Woolf" page.


In the title sequence of each video is an image I painted or sketched on location related to the video. Giclée prints of these watercolors are available for sale for €39,00 and includes worldwide mailing costs. For more information email me.

Travels with Bill

Desert Canticle
Desert Canticle | 10 short videos of Jordan
Ballad of Sun and Dust
Ballad of Sun and Dust | 7 short videos of India

Mountains in Summer
Mountains in Summer | 9 short Videos on the Dolomites and Alps
At the Desert's Edge
At the Desert's Edge | 5 short Videos in Egypt


Sardinian Wanderings

Hidden Sardinia
Hidden Sardinia | Videos from the interior of Sardinia
The Sardinian Sea
The Sardinian Sea | Videos along the Sardinian coast